Pacific Pearl Music Association (PPMA)

     the Westlake Village Symphony     

Michael Armtrong

Music Director and Conductor

PPMA Executive Director 

Michael Ryan Armstrong has been conductor of the Westlake Village Symphony since September, 2010. He is principal keyboardist for the American Youth Symphony where he has worked with Alexander Treger, James Conlon, David Newman, John Williams, and Alan Silvestri.


 Paul Piazza

Associate Conductor

Paul Piazza joined the Westlake Village Symphony as Associate Conductor in October, 2015. Paul has pursued his musical calling as a trumpeter, vocalist, and conductor, sharing the stage with musical giants such as Jeremy Denk, Laura Aiken, and Michael Tilson-Thomas. In addition to his post with the Westlake Village Symphony, Paul holds the assistant conductor position with the nationally recognized Los Angeles Symphonic Winds.

westlake village symphony (WVS)

The predecessor of Westlake Village Symphony was Amgen Orchestra founded in December of 2006 by a group of local musicians and Amgen employees with varying musical backgrounds and training.  A year later, its name was changed to Pacific Pearl Orchestra (PPO) in June 2007 and then, to Pacific Pearl Symphony Orchestra (PPSO) in December 2007 affiliated to CAPA (Center for Asian Performing Arts) a non-profit organization.  In 2009, PPSO separated itself from CAPA and jointed together with other two local music groups to form the Pacific Pearl Music Association (PPMA) which became a non-profit organization in October of 2009.  To make the orchestra more visible and attractive to the local community and to better serve for local community’s music entertainment and education, this orchestra changed its name to Westlake Village Symphony (WVS) in May 2013. In July of 2016, WVS became an independent non-profit organization with a group of board members who voluntarily serve for the orchestra.  Since the orchestra was founded in 2006, there have been several music directors and conductors who served for this community orchestra and played critical roles for the development of this orchestra. Current music director and conductor is Michael Armstrong, and the associate conductor and also acting music director is Paul Piazza. 

               2011 moon festival concert at clu  - october 1, 2011

            2011 Ccca chinese new year performance - feb.19, 2011

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